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EHS in China

  about us

Abacus Corporation is an international management consulting firm based in Shanghai, whose mission is to help companies turn their Asian business vision into reality.

In order to support your company on its way to profitable growth we go further than only developing concepts - together with you we also implement them. During more than a decade of successful consulting in China we have gained extensive experience and expertise in a great variety of industry fields, supporting companies of all sizes, of all kinds of business.

The confidence of our clients in us has made Abacus Corporation one of the leading wholly foreign owned consulting companies of its kind in China.

The multicultural composition of our teams - Chinese project managers together with the European management in Shanghai - ensures that both the global perspective and local knowledge are integrated to create custom tailored, interdisciplinary, and holistic solutions for our clients. Coordinating business interests of companies from Europe, Australia, and the United States with those of companies inside Asia we build a true bridge between the West and the East.

China’s economy is one of the biggest in the world with high growth rates. The country’s entry to WTO opens up even more profitable business opportunities for foreign companies. Labour is cheap and abundant. 1.3 billion people are hungry for consumption.

  • How do you adapt your business strategy to cater for China’s different regional markets?

  • Who are your local competitors, and what are they doing?

  • How do find your way through the jumble of Chinese laws and regulations?

  • How do you keep track from home of the rapid changes going on every day in China?

  • How do you adapt your marketing strategy to Chinese customer taste?

  • Which legal form and company organisation suit your business interests best?

  • Where and how do you find your business partners in China?
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