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Although engaged in business consulting in China since the late 1980s, Abacus Corporation obtained the license as wholly foreign owned consulting company only in 1992. The original headquarter of the company was based in Haikou on tropical Hainan Island. Since 1994, the operational center of Abacus Corporation's project activities is located in Shanghai.

Shanghai is the base of all of Abacus Corporation's partners. Part from the three permanently manned offices, Abacus Corporation disposes of liaison officers in major Chinese cities who enable the coverage of the whole country.

The European activities of the company are coordinated in our Heidelberg office.

To complement the services provided for China, Abacus Corporation established a network all over Asia. Associates in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and New Delhi provide the necessary assistance for your respective strategies for the various Asian markets.


China (Shanghai)
Abacus Corporation Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
Brigitte Wolff, Partner, CEO
29F, Huai Hai Mansion
200, Huai Hai Zhong Lu
Shanghai 200021, China
Tel: +86-21-63 87 07 00
Fax: +86-21-63 87 07 11

China (Haikou)
Abacus Corporation Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
Seaview Building 1703 Haijingwan Garden
Haikou, Hainan Province, 570105, China
Tel. +86.898.6672 2214
Fax. +86.898.6679 9408

China (Hong Kong)
Abacus Corporation Ltd.
1505-6 Albion Plaza
2-6 Granville Road
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel. +852.2724 1223
Fax. +852.2722 4373


Cemex Investment & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ravi Chaudhry
1-C-1, Parkwood Estate, Rao Tularam Marg
New Delhi 110022, India
Tel. +91.11.2616 5406
Fax. +91.11.2616 5542

Riesen Far East Ltd.
Dietrich von Riesen
Tanglin POB 125
Singapore 912405, Singapore
Tel. +65.9617 1052
Fax. +65.234 1959

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