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EHS in China


The first EHS law and regulation manual is available

The Chinese government realizes that the following of certain ecological standards and directives is pivotal in order to sustain high levels of economic growth. The issue of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is gaining significantly more importance as the government sees the necessity of tightening measures and issuing stricter regulations.

Recent studies have found that pollution and environmental hazards cost the country annually 7-8% of GDP, approximately RMB 600 billion (US$ 73 billion), with acid rain, degrading forest and farm land at an annual estimate of RMB 14 billion (US$ 1.7 billion).

EHS in China focuses on the current legislation, enforcement, and future policy trends in environmental, health and safety.

The text is divided into two sections – the first on environmental issues and the second on health and safety issues. Each begins with the description of the current state of affairs and analyses future trends with advice on how to minimize liabilities. The most relevant laws are listed with a brief description of key points that EHS managers should be aware of and different sections of laws are indexed for easy reference. Finally some useful contact details are provided.

EHS in China is available for US$ 98 or HK$ 788. Orders can be placed at

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